Shoot-from-home food photography and styling service.

We understand that these are trying times and we are all affected by the current situation, so we are offering our services under special rates to help businesses get back on track.

Below are our rates for Food Photography and Photography with Styling.

Php 1,000


Three (3) JPEG photos per item

No props and food styling

Submission in two (2) days

Php 1,500


Two (2) JPEG styled photos per item

Minimal props styling

Submission in three (3) days



Here are the requirements and guidelines for the shoot:

  1. Minimum of 3 food items per shoot.

  2. Food items will be provided by the client.

  3. Please provide at least three (3) samples for each for small food item and 1-2 samples for platters/trays.

  4. Include ingredients that can be used as props if possible (e.g. chocolate chips, coffee beans, cheese etc.).

  5. JPEG format photos will be submitted in 2 days.

  6. Please remind the courier to be extra careful in handling the food to avoid damages or spoilage. 

  7. Kindly inform us 3 days prior if you want to reschedule the shoot.

  8. Usage of photos will only be for the clients' social media account. Usage for 3rd party blogs, articles, news and the like shall include the photographer's name below the photo. Usage for print, billboards, commercials, and the like will be charged accordingly.

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